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What We Do
As residents of New York State’s Hudson Valley, Two Dollar Goat can be found all over the region and beyond enthusiastically playing tunes new and old in the Bluegrass style. At parties, on porches, festival parking lots or at a venue near you, ‘The Goat’ share their unique sound and upbeat song interpretations at every available opportunity.

With tight vocal harmonies and a driving rhythm infused with a light-hearted approach to music, this trio thoroughly entertains. Their energetic renditions get feet stomping while preserving an authentic feel and obvious dedication to the ‘High Lonesome’ sound.

Strong believers in acoustic music performed live, Two Dollar Goat are happiest on the stage, making listeners smile and keeping the old songs alive.

Two Dollar Goat are........

Iain Birchwood - Vocals, Mandolin

Iain originally hails from England but grew up listening to his folkie dad while learning Eddie Van Halen licks. The mandolin just comes natural to him. He also loves it when people mistake his accent for Australian.

Leigh Draper - Bass, Banjo

Being from Kentucky makes Leigh the only one in the trio with geographically true, bluegrass roots, although Kurtus comes from heavy redneck influences (see below). She's also the only one with any honest-to-go-john, formal musical learnin'. Leigh can play just about anything she lays her mits onto.*

*Has been noted to 'play a mean bull-fiddle'.  


Kurtus Ulrich - Guitar, Vocals

Kurtus is the local having grown up in the Catskill foothills of Shokan. Though he spends quite a bit of time thinking of somewhat useless crap to write about on this website, he usually gets around to showing up at practice for each one of his bands - He's also the lead singer in a Hard-rock band called Spent. He also has alter egos in the group depending on what he's doing at the time:

"Chad" - setting up the PA and doing the sound
"Flash" - any guitar solo riffage and web-mastery type stuff


This site is maintained by Flash so don't give him a hard time about it. You can email me songs of praise, monetary donations, or your objective opinions to flash@twodollargoat.com but be prepared for me to chide and berate you if I deem it necessary. Everyone else leave me alone.