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Goat Links
Other, goat-approved websites to check out.

Please check us out on Facebook or our store at ReverbNation.com

Where to see and hear live music - those places with websites anyway.

We've played these:

Morning Brew Cafe - Dean's Beans and tasty treats make for a great little nugget of goodness in High Falls, NY. They have open mics and poetry and art and coffee and righteous people and coffee and tasty sammiches and coffee...

The Black Swan - We've wanted to play here for a while. A great vibe.

Bacchus - So many beers. So many free wings for Friday happy hour. Try little Dave's fishy taco.

Keegan Ales - The best beer in town.

The Colony Cafe - This is a really cool venue in a really cool town. Take any opportunity to go here and see really cool music. Really cool.

The Towne Crier Cafe - We actually took first place in their open-mic invitational one winter. They book terrrific acts!

Rosendale Street Festival - So much fun. Loads of music, food, people, craziness......

Taste of New Paltz - Local food and crafts with a backdrop of local music. A seriously delicious, community event.

We'd like to play these:

Greyfox Music Festival - One of  the best bluegrass festivals in the world!

Bluegrass Radio - The name says it all.

Acousticmusic.com - Links to TONS of performers. And other interesting bits too!

Bluegrass Unlimited - An (excuse me, THE) online bluegrass magazine

Cool folks we've played with/opened for:

Ratboy- Timmy, Matty and Co.  Ingenious songwriting skillfully performed.

The Old Nationals - If you're still looking for an absolutely awesome rock and roll band, you haven't checked these guys out...and you should!

Pete Seeger - A true legend and national treasure. This man promotes and embodies all that is good in popular movements. An of-the-people-for-the-people kinda guy.

Luther Wright and the Wrongs - Famous for their bluegrass rendition of Pink Floyd's "The Wall." A crew of cool Canadians

The Trapps - These guys rock!!

The Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - Reggae-lation from Rochester, NY.

The Oshe - Mind-bending, jazz-fusion freakout stuff.

The California Guitar Trio - This was truly an honor even though we had to rush of to play a surprise party for Flash's mom's birthday. He's such a momma's boy.

Heinzevino! - Don't know if these guys still perform as a unit. The Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association still puts on the slow jam every month. Check out the HVBA website for more details.

Other extraneous links:

Leopard Studio - Jimmy's a good cat. And he's got such fabulous toys!. 

Wallkill Valley Land Trust - A great cause. 

Clearwater - The symbol of the resurrection of the great Hudson River

Green Party of New York State - Generally speaking, we try to stay non-partisan. There are good folks in this organization. We like good folks.

Spent -  Kurtus' more hard-edged (e.g. LOUDER) rock band.

Land of Biology - Kurtus' (AKA Mr. Ulrich's) school website. Go to my links page for more wacked links.

Honeymoon - Totally G-rated. Right click and save target as...

This site is maintained by Flash (me) so don't give him a hard time about it. You can email me songs of praise, monetary donations, or your objective opinions to flash@twodollargoat.com but be prepared for me to chide and berate you if I deem it necessary. Everyone else leave me alone.