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Goat Gallery
Pictures of the Goats hard at work

Here, Flash does his best to at least look like Joe Beesmer
while the other Goats look on with a calm horror. This was the benefit for our friend Moises and the American Cancer Society. It was a thrill to play the Bearsville Theater, even if it was only the barroom. The Keegan's flowed and everyone had a blast!

See? Photoshop can make your dreams come true! Nashville is so much fun.

At the last moment we decided to leave the sound stage behind us for a quick couple a numbers at Rosendale Street Festival in 2005. People were sitting so far back we needed to close the gap. Great thing about acoustic music...it's portable!

Dang! We just love Keegan Ales. We used to play there every first Friday of the month. Tommy and the crew are so much fun and brew up some of the finest beers in all of the land. Even better now that the brewpub is open!

Grey Fox is a must. The scene is matched only by the musical offerings. Here's Flash wondering who the guy without the shirt is. He sure picked a mean mandolin. Didn't wear any shoes either. So much fun.



Here we are at Bluegrass Between the Bridges Festival '03 in Waryas Park in Poughkeepsie. A beautiful day. Yep, that's Flash's mom clapping wildly in the front row! For extra credit find Iain's wife.

Our pals the Lohers throw a mean New Year's Eve shindig up in the Adirondacks. Here we are in '02-'03.



     When it comes to venues, we've played some interesting ones. Our friends Craig and Becky threw a rip-snorter in '03. It rained a good bit so we made the barn-garage our spot for the night. This was before we spent a load o' dough on the new PA system

The barn seems fitting.          

Check out the Rosendale Street Festival video clip here

The video's not here but go here anyway

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