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Hey, we want you to let us know what you think! Drop us a line anytime.
Booking and other contact is really best done through email.
Flash tends to live "in a van, down by the river" from time to time.

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Get in touch via email at thegoats@twodollargoat.com


Know any good Fiddle players? Yep. We're still looking.

We take requests too*.  Submit a song you'd like to hear us record and post on this site.

*Fine print - The requests have to be good songs. By good we mean Kurt and Iain have to like it (Leigh'll play just darn near anything). Plus it's got to be in one of our ranges, which varies depending on several environmental conditions. Oh yeah, Flash's stubby, little, vienna sausage fingers have to be able to do the chords too, so Steve Vai gymnastics are right out. We have been known to pull some bizzare-o tunes out from under the carpet before though.

This site is maintained by Flash so don't give him a hard time about it. You can email me songs of praise, monetary donations, or your objective opinions to twodollargoat@yahoo.com but be prepared for me to chide and berate you if I deem it necessary. Everyone else leave me alone.